The LYNK+ System

Experience the next level in high performance PC cooling without the complexities of custom water cooling. Our revolutionary factory installed water cooling solution delivers exceptional performance, effortless installation and seamless upgrades.

Get custom loop performance and features without the hassle.

Quick Connect

No need to mess with tubes, fittings, or coolant. Simply connect the radiator module to the cooler module with one screw and you’re done. The installation is that easy. Smoothly switch between different graphics cards without having to drain your water cooling loop.

Our Quick Connect is drip-free, so you’ll never come in contact with coolant. It is also compatible with all LYNK+ products.

radiator module

The pre-filled universal radiator module with integrated high-performance pump is ready to use out of the box.

The pump is designed for ultra-low noise operation and longevity. In combination with innovative low diffusion tubing, the radiator module is maintenance free and will work with future graphics card generations.

cooler module

Our coolers are engineered to dissipate heat on all relevant components on a graphics card. Same as high-end custom water coolers, water flows directly over all performance-relevant electronics, making it a no-compromise solution.

The pre-filled cooler comes factory mounted on the graphics card. It’s full-cover design also incorporates a high fin-density copper cold-plate on the GPU, which guarantees outstanding cooling performance.


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